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Saying Goodbye to Breakfasts after 23 years


TUESDAY, 11 April, 2023

The Stillwater team bids goodbye to breakfast after 23 years of serving three meals a day to the Launceston community.

The decision to end breakfast service has been heavily influenced by rising costs, skilled labour shortages and the cost of living, as the business remains committed to creating a work-life balance for its team, and ensuring the longevity of its passion for exceptional hospitality experiences.

Co-owner and Human Resources Manager Bianca Welsh said that creating a great working environment for the Stillwater team is a priority in every business decision.

“Ultimately, this is a decision for the sustainability of the business and our team,” she says. “We’re aiming to move as many of the full-time team as possible to a four-day working week, and to create a more balanced load and better working hours for those with school-age children, study commitments and other extracurricular life activities. Importantly, no jobs will be lost as a result of this change and we are dedicated to maintaining and supporting our wonderful team.”

Co-owner and Sommelier James Welsh said that Stillwater will continue its focus on celebrating and sharing local produce through its lunch and dinner offerings.

“This hasn’t been a decision we’ve made lightly and, in consultation with our team, we’ve come to the decision to focus our energy on elevating our lunch and dinner services,” he said.

Lunch will now begin slightly earlier from 11:30am, Monday to Saturday and extend to 3pm. The team is also working towards adding Monday nights to their offering from Spring onwards.

Co-owner and Executive Chef Craig Will has been navigating the widely documented skilled labour shortage in the chef trade since the Covid-19 pandemic, and says that moving away from breakfasts is critical to ensuring team work/life balance.

“We’ve come to this decision to focus our energy on our lunch and dinner service, so that we can maintain the high level to which we hold ourselves, and to continue to evolve and elevate what we do,” he said. “This industry can be brutal for the kitchen staff, so if we can provide a better life balance to our team and trade confidently into the future, that’s the path we’re going to take.”

Stillwater SEVEN hotel guests won’t be disappointed with a delicious breakfast served in the comfort of their own room. Co-owner and Hotelier Chris McNally says the in-room breakfast menu will champion local produce and in-house specialties.

“Craig and I have refined the breakfast offering to be enjoyed in the comfort of bed or by the window overlooking the water,” he said.

Some aesthetic updates to the restaurant and outdoor area are planned in the coming months, including a new outdoor deck and new locally made chairs in the restaurant.

“We’re looking forward to evolving the business in the years to come while continuing to serve our wonderful Launceston community,” says Bianca Welsh.

New opening hours beginning Monday 15 May:

  • Coffee and drinks from Monday-Saturday from 11am

  • Lunch from 11:30am-3pm from Monday-Saturday

  • Dinner from 5:30pm Tuesday-Saturday

  • Stillwater Restaurant will be closed on Sundays.

The final date to enjoy a Stillwater Restaurant breakfast is Sunday, 14th of May.

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