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Celebrating Truffles

By Claire Todd. Black truffles are odd, exotic fungi that thrive in the consistent temperatures of Tasmania. Tracked down by well-trained pooches and tendered to by professionals, these “diamonds of the kitchen” are used in all sorts of dishes for an unforgettable epicurean experience. Each year we celebrate the season of the truffle – a short window in winter – by hosting dinners featuring this delicacy. And each year, our guests are wowed by our kitchen’s ability to weave the intricate flavour of truffle throughout multiple courses matched with regional wines. 2016 was no exception. From Moulting Bay oysters with buttermilk snow and truffle caviar matched with ’05 Arras, to striped trumpeter, bean curd and kohlrabi with Bundaleera chardonnay and Hanslow guinea fowl, parsnip and fresh shaved truffle complimented by Sinapius pinot, the well-crafted degustation was sensational. Bravo to Exec Chef Craig Will and thanks to the hard-working local producers who make it all possible (a big thank you must go to Tamar Valley Truffles – we’d be a bit lost without you).

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