Summer Menus

With 4 distinct seasons Tasmania offers a cornucopia of choices springing from our verdant paddocks and wild southern oceans…

Winter is frosty mornings and sunshine filled days…interjected with some brief drenching rain. With our generous temperate climate, Tasmania sees an abundance of produce flowing from our paddocks; cauliflower, potatoes, onions, broccoli, leeks, beets and brussel sprouts are some of the more traditional winter veg now along with the exotic black truffle being hunted on frosty mornings. Saffron flowers appearing above the ice laced soil and heartier greens like roquette, spinach and kale thrive in the cooler conditions. Oysters are at their prime in the winter months and cheese just tastes so much better when it is cold outside…with a glass of local Tassie Pinot Noir to hand of course!

As the weather morphs from winter to spring so do our menus…
Spring lamb and free-range grass fed beef showcase the best of the produce from the NW corner of Tasmania. Tender and succulent, free of artificial hormones and antibiotics, the meat is natural and the way meat should taste. Asparagus sprouts onto dishes as the perfect foil to our wild caught and farmed fish and salad greens look as fresh and alive as the emerald paddocks around the region. Wild Tasmanian scallops may grace our menus and who knows what one might find with the wild crayfish (Southern Rock Lobster) season opening again in November?

Glorious warm long days with balmy evenings and languid dining with great friends…the season and the menus change to our favourite…summer. Think berries just picked, the cherries are ripening and hopefully the rain will stop for long enough to let those crimson and burgundy coloured flavour bombs reach their full potential. Blue Eye Trevalla, the ‘queen’ of the fin fish with its succulent white flesh and delicate sweet flavour might feature alongside wild Tasmanian abalone. Don’t forget that bottle of Tasmanian sparkling, there is always something to celebrate in summer!

The nights cool and the days shorten as we head into the most abundant time of the year, Autumn. Our extended growing season allows our produce to develop flavours deeper and more intense and maintain the acids in perfect balance, the results, fruit and vegetables brimming with natural goodness. Our menus groan with local produce starting with a short window of perfectly ripe figs, tomatoes bursting with flavour and plums that just won’t stop….literally. Don’t leave your car unlocked these days otherwise you might end up with a ‘gift’ of a 2kg zucchini that ‘got away’ or if lucky a basket of tomatoes and basil, newly dug onions or pears and apples that just need a home. It is an embarrassment of riches in this season of the Harvest.