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Some philosophers considered the number 'three' to be associated with insight because three pebbles in the sand are the first shape you can see. 


At Seven, the first thing you will 'see' will be the exceptional customer service as we help you to your room. The next thing you will see will be the luxurious comfort, the design, the finishes, the craftsmanship in surroundings that quintessentially define the very best Tasmania can offer. 'Three' offers a King size bed, a beautifully appointed bathroom, river views a magnificent pantry and mini bar and everything you need to give you insight into the very best that Tasmania can offer.

Please check the availability of the room type before you book


"From the email before our arrival to touch base and check in on our likes and preferences to the takeaway coffee on our way out the door, the service and attention to detail was one of the best we have ever experienced. ."


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